I'm changing Wednesday nights in Charlotte!!

I'm changing Wednesday nights in Charlotte!!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Dumb Shit" *First Name Last Name*

It is TOO easy to get SO busy and caught up in work, school, kids or whatever your “hustle” or grind is that sometimes no matter how high we have our guards up, "Dumb Shit" somehow finds a way to slip through a crack and make its way into our lives. 
"Dumb Shit" is a coward. "Dumb Shit" is a sneaky little bitch. "Dumb Shit" will creep around in the background. "Dumb Shit" lurks in the shadows and waits for you to make a major or positive move and that’s when she’ll take action. She will talk shit about you (behind your back of course) to your friends and family.She will see you running towards your goals and throw a stick in your path to trip you up, but act like she was no where around when you look around to see who did it. "Dumb Shit" gets on these social sites, starts petty arguments and then plays the victim. "Dumb Shit" will lie on you with every breath that comes out of her mouth. "Dumb Shit" will throw a rock at the person standing in front of you and point  to YOU when that person turns around to find out who did it and leave you to fight for yourself.
"Dumb Shit" doesn’t just come into your life in the form of spiteful, deceitful acts from an enemy, a bitter baby mama or baby daddy, spiteful ex, jealous co-worker, etc. "Dumb Shit" is on some Matrix type shit and will take form as malicious back stabbing drama from a family member, best friend,girlfriend or boyfriend, etc.
     Don't worry, it has happened to the best of us. There’s nothing wrong with letting "Dumb Shit" slip by every now and then. That means you are WORKING and GRINDING EXTRA SUPER HARD.What matters is….how you handle "Dumb Shit" when you do finally realize she is “standing” in VIP with your TRUE friends and family poppin bottles that YOU bought. What's my advice? When you do look over and do a double take because you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT believe that "Dumb Shit" has the NERVE to be smiling in your face like you're a dummy….smile back.  Yes! Smile Back.
But…. as soon as you get "Dumb Shit" in a dark alley….beat the shit outta her and do what you have to do to make sure she comes up missing. Make sure that bitch will never come back into your life and make things difficult for you. Us TRUE GRINDERS don’t have time for "Dumb Shit" that isn't contributing to our success. If this offends you or you are taking this the wrong way then YOU may be related to "Dumb Shit". Maybe you two are distant cousins or something. If that's the case, then truthfully…NONE OF US give a damn about how you feel.