I'm changing Wednesday nights in Charlotte!!

I'm changing Wednesday nights in Charlotte!!
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

"I See You Aiming at My Pedestal...."

     So…today a message came through on my BlackBerry. It was from an unknown number, but judging from the angry undertones of the SIMPLE MINDED message I pretty much have an idea of who it is. I don’t EVER get unwanted messages, but this COWARDLY message was sent through an ANONYMOUS number that actually doesn’t event exist.
     WOW! I thought to myself as I looked at the words of the message. Who actually has time to go through all the trouble of sending something so STUPID?? That was another clue as to who sent the message to me. There is only ONE person I know of that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BETTER TO DO than sit around (jobless), while getting FAT, and try to steal MY JOY!!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Funny how the message said: “yup, Karma is a bitch”
Oh is that right??? Such a TRUE statement my friend!
     While you are sitting at home, internet thuggin (because I DOUBLE DARE you to come say all that NONSENSE to my face) I am on my laptop handling numbers for MY BUSINESS. A SUCCESSFUL one at that. Later, I will have dinner with the love of my life and our family while we sit around and laugh at this person’s IGNORANCE.
I would keep writing, but I have money to make. Something “Anonymous” is unfamiliar with.
     Yes…Karma IS a bitch. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house….go play in traffic and have a nice day :)