I'm changing Wednesday nights in Charlotte!!

I'm changing Wednesday nights in Charlotte!!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Dumb Shit" *First Name Last Name*

It is TOO easy to get SO busy and caught up in work, school, kids or whatever your “hustle” or grind is that sometimes no matter how high we have our guards up, "Dumb Shit" somehow finds a way to slip through a crack and make its way into our lives. 
"Dumb Shit" is a coward. "Dumb Shit" is a sneaky little bitch. "Dumb Shit" will creep around in the background. "Dumb Shit" lurks in the shadows and waits for you to make a major or positive move and that’s when she’ll take action. She will talk shit about you (behind your back of course) to your friends and family.She will see you running towards your goals and throw a stick in your path to trip you up, but act like she was no where around when you look around to see who did it. "Dumb Shit" gets on these social sites, starts petty arguments and then plays the victim. "Dumb Shit" will lie on you with every breath that comes out of her mouth. "Dumb Shit" will throw a rock at the person standing in front of you and point  to YOU when that person turns around to find out who did it and leave you to fight for yourself.
"Dumb Shit" doesn’t just come into your life in the form of spiteful, deceitful acts from an enemy, a bitter baby mama or baby daddy, spiteful ex, jealous co-worker, etc. "Dumb Shit" is on some Matrix type shit and will take form as malicious back stabbing drama from a family member, best friend,girlfriend or boyfriend, etc.
     Don't worry, it has happened to the best of us. There’s nothing wrong with letting "Dumb Shit" slip by every now and then. That means you are WORKING and GRINDING EXTRA SUPER HARD.What matters is….how you handle "Dumb Shit" when you do finally realize she is “standing” in VIP with your TRUE friends and family poppin bottles that YOU bought. What's my advice? When you do look over and do a double take because you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT believe that "Dumb Shit" has the NERVE to be smiling in your face like you're a dummy….smile back.  Yes! Smile Back.
But…. as soon as you get "Dumb Shit" in a dark alley….beat the shit outta her and do what you have to do to make sure she comes up missing. Make sure that bitch will never come back into your life and make things difficult for you. Us TRUE GRINDERS don’t have time for "Dumb Shit" that isn't contributing to our success. If this offends you or you are taking this the wrong way then YOU may be related to "Dumb Shit". Maybe you two are distant cousins or something. If that's the case, then truthfully…NONE OF US give a damn about how you feel.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Behind Enemy Lines

Have any of you ever had someone make the ultimate mistake of underestimating you? Someone that just flat out did or said something to or about you, then turn around and say to their lil homeboy or homegirl "she/he aint shit."

As they take that last turn on their heel as theyre walking away…before they can even get the word "shit" out their mouth, you find that every last bit of that pure uncooked uncut raw HATE and DESPISE mixed with straight up savage anger and some sort of animalistic type RAGE that's been slowly but surely building up inside of you and eating away at every little last nerve of very few nerves that you happen to have left, somehow sent a message from DEEP within your brain---> down to your arm---> down to your hand. What was the message? The message was actually a COMMAND: “grab the back of that ugly neck walking away from you and proceed to choke the pure shit out of them while yelling: Now what!? Say something now!”


Okay okay. This may not be the right way to handle things (and Im not saying that its wrong either). Okay…damn…yes its totally wrong *sigh*

I'm often underestimated in a lot of things that I do. As Ive gotten older, my tolerance for a lot of the B.S. has definitely become almost non-existent. I’ve worked hard for YEARS, I've put in alot of work, and I've given up alot to accomplish what I have done so far. I’ve BEEN holding down a family while others got to run the streets and party and bullshit. Nine times out of ten...well...eight times out of ten, I am always the bigger person and most the time that has led to me having to carry the weight of biting my tongue in ALOT of situations.
Yeah, people hear me cracking jokes. They see the pictures of me smiling, the red carpet events, VIP, calendars, magazines, blah blah blah. Little do the people know. I've been through and survived some crazy things. I am one hell of a resilient person. I’ve endured some pretty unbelievable and unnecessary crap.
I don’t choose to share that part of my life with many people. If,  for some strange reason, I do decide to let a person know my REAL story, then congratulations I consider you family now.

Walk a day in my shoes? HA! These shoes are customed made for ME. So please don’t be ignorant and misjudge me thinking that you can do what I do. I’d hate to have to leave a "customized" shoe print on your face. *I’m kidding. Well….not really.

We all have a life story. Shit…some of us have NOVELS! Do what YOU do. Stop worrying about the next person. More importantly, never under estimate your opponent. Your opponent is anyone and everyone, including yourself sometimes. Watch everything you do and everything you say. My motto? "Believe NONE of what you see and NONE of what you hear." Situations change, people change. Friends become enemies, Enemies become friends, Lovers can turn into haters….and you all know the rest.
Well….all I know is…I do ME. I've always done ME and to underestimate me is not going to do anything but give me one more thing to laugh and blog about. Now a days, you cant just be ten steps ahead of someone, you have to be soooo far ahead of them that they cant see anything but the dust you left when you took off running.

Now what!? Say something now! *sweet smile*

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Spy With My Little Eye......

a man with a camera that claims to be a photographer just so he can take pictures of half naked girls.

I spy... a guy in in the strip club throwin money in the air….but its secretly his rent money.

I spy... a female that puts pictures on myspace and claims “Im a model."

I spy... a female that cant buy her baby a crib but has the “finest” clothing and “real” jewelry.

I spy... rappers that claim they're reppin for “their city” but hates on every other rapper in the city tryin to get on.

I spy... promoters that claim certain celebrities will be appearing at their event as a “special invited guest” but they know the celebrity WILL NOT BE THERE.

I spy... a man that tries to holla at EVERY female in the club.

I spy... women that have NO money, go to the club while "ladies get in free" and wait for men to buy them drinks all night.

I spy... people who try to “stunt” and buy ONE bottle of Rose' Moet but have to share it with 5 other niggas.

I spy... females that smile in your face but will fuck your man behind your back.

I spy... niggas that take pictures with their homeboys nice car and put the pic up as their profile pic on myspace and front like its their car.

I spy... artists that spend money on jewelry, clothes, women and cars but NEVER want to pay to do shows or get on mixtapes.

I spy... single mothers that work hard, never cause problems and still get a bad name because of the baby mamas that DON’T know how to act.

I spy... fathers that ARE good fathers and take care of their responsiblites but never get any credit.

I spy... men that have a wife at home but trick off at the club.

What do YOU spy?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Now that we have all discovered and become addicted to Twitter to express our opinions, post quotes and jokes that we find amusing, promote our “work” or to just plain post random and meaningless things such as “I am eating" or "I am walking down the hallway" Twitter has also become the devils playground and also a safe haven for all the “internet thugs” that are lurking.
The internet has given a lot of individuals FALSE COURAGE to post and tweet like they are invincible.

Tsk Tsk Tsk
Eventually, everything comes to light. It’s a small world and Twitter has made it even smaller. Be careful what you say on the net. Before you start feeling brave behind your little keyboard in the safety of your cozy little home, I need you to THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. People DO take tweets seriously.

I sit back and observe. I watch people “pop off at the mouth” in their timeline or take little sneak shots at people.
I can’t front, it has happened to me. The pointless sneak disses, the indirect tweets to me. What do I do about it? Absolutely NOTHING. I prop my feet on my table, sit back, laugh and just wait for shit to hit the fan.
Why don’t I do shit about it? Because I actually AM SOMEBODY. I do REAL things, I have EVERYTHING to lose and I REFUSE to shine light on ANYONE that is worth ZERO to me. That would be a complete waste of my time. I actually appreciate the negativity. It motivates me to do even better. If you’re “hating” on what I've done and what I’m doing now….thats GREAT. Soon you’ll be ready to drive yourself off a cliff because Im just getting started.
Most of the “internet thuggin” doesn’t mean….SHIT. Most of the “shit talkers” “back stabbers” “tough guys/girlsWILL NOT back up what they say when it comes down it. It’s like watching someone talk about what they “would’ve done” when you know for a fact that what they would’ve done is what they did….NOTHING.
Twitter has given a lot of fake people, a lot of “crazy” people, a platform to pretend to be something they NEVER HAVE BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE.
At the end of the day, “popping off at the mouth” doesn’t end on a positive note. It may amuse the idiots that don’t know any better but one day all that “yapping” will catch up. If you aren’t built for war, play your position and SHUT THE HELL UP. Cancel your Twitter account and stick to MySpace.