I'm changing Wednesday nights in Charlotte!!

I'm changing Wednesday nights in Charlotte!!
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Now that we have all discovered and become addicted to Twitter to express our opinions, post quotes and jokes that we find amusing, promote our “work” or to just plain post random and meaningless things such as “I am eating" or "I am walking down the hallway" Twitter has also become the devils playground and also a safe haven for all the “internet thugs” that are lurking.
The internet has given a lot of individuals FALSE COURAGE to post and tweet like they are invincible.

Tsk Tsk Tsk
Eventually, everything comes to light. It’s a small world and Twitter has made it even smaller. Be careful what you say on the net. Before you start feeling brave behind your little keyboard in the safety of your cozy little home, I need you to THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. People DO take tweets seriously.

I sit back and observe. I watch people “pop off at the mouth” in their timeline or take little sneak shots at people.
I can’t front, it has happened to me. The pointless sneak disses, the indirect tweets to me. What do I do about it? Absolutely NOTHING. I prop my feet on my table, sit back, laugh and just wait for shit to hit the fan.
Why don’t I do shit about it? Because I actually AM SOMEBODY. I do REAL things, I have EVERYTHING to lose and I REFUSE to shine light on ANYONE that is worth ZERO to me. That would be a complete waste of my time. I actually appreciate the negativity. It motivates me to do even better. If you’re “hating” on what I've done and what I’m doing now….thats GREAT. Soon you’ll be ready to drive yourself off a cliff because Im just getting started.
Most of the “internet thuggin” doesn’t mean….SHIT. Most of the “shit talkers” “back stabbers” “tough guys/girlsWILL NOT back up what they say when it comes down it. It’s like watching someone talk about what they “would’ve done” when you know for a fact that what they would’ve done is what they did….NOTHING.
Twitter has given a lot of fake people, a lot of “crazy” people, a platform to pretend to be something they NEVER HAVE BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE.
At the end of the day, “popping off at the mouth” doesn’t end on a positive note. It may amuse the idiots that don’t know any better but one day all that “yapping” will catch up. If you aren’t built for war, play your position and SHUT THE HELL UP. Cancel your Twitter account and stick to MySpace.

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